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This is the continued observation of a celestial object I have nicknamed The Red Sunset Star. See the extended research of star charts and location of this object here.

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Video Analysis & Time-lapse

Image Analysis

You will clearly see what appears to be an object making contact or coming in close proximity to the star. Notice as it passes, there is a trail left behind coming from the star.
Details: 6 images in order. Taken telescopically approx 1 second apart. 16 megapixel. Telescope and optical zoom. Minimal contrast and brightness adjusted.


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This image(Diagram 1A) shows that the star and the object do not travel at the same speed, the distances traveled by the star seem to be about 45% faster but this is based on visual tracking alone. Without knowing all required variables, exact measurements are difficult.

Distance traveled of Star compared to strange object

Diagram 1A – Distance traveled of Star compared to strange object

Diagram 2B below – What appears to be a trail of debris or energy plasma etc following behind the object as it exits the proximity of the star.


Diagram 2B – What looks like an ejection trail left behind as the object exits.

Natural color views