Cosmic Glossary and Guide

This is the beginning of a common glossary for all of us interested in things like Planet X, Nibiru, Hercolubus etc. Please be patient and revisit often as this site is updated often. 10.31.2016 Hercolubus 11.1.2016 2012_VP113 New Dwarf Planet Polaris – Star

Space Weather Events Executive Order 10.13.2016

Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts To Prepare The Nation For Space Weather Events On October 13th 2016, President Obama issued this new executive order with a very urgent and short time line: 60 to 120 days as of the issuance of the order. Read Official Executive Order Here Video Screen Capture of Executive Order Where…

Moon Goggles

Just a fun collection of on going images of the moon from Earth Welcome to the moon goggles page. I always have a hard time finding good pictures of the moon. So, I worked my way up to taking my own with a telescope. I really want to keep updating this page with new material…

MAJOR UPDATE: Telescopic Video and Images of The Pentagram Star Systems Bright Star 10-10-2016

The next phase of research is underway. A First telescopic look at the brightest ‘day star’ from the notorious pentagram star system covered in my previous work. Full Video Compilation of Images and Video Footage Research & Diagrams Image Gallery 10.6.2016 10.7.2016 Conclusions and Future Work This star gets more interesting the closer we look….