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Video of New Research Findings

Part of my research involves using different cameras. In this particular research block, I focused on the Massive Star setting with the sun in my previous work. Well, this object has been there for a while now and appears to be getting brighter but light conditions and air quality play a big role so getting real world light output measurements from here is very limited.

In the face of this challenge, I believe this work will help to show what clues I found of just how much light activity this celestial object is undergoing.


 NEW Video: Watch as CP gives his honest and insightful review of this latest research


Diagrams & Details

These diagrams and content appear in more context within the video above. Click an image to enlarge


1A sky images taken 9/28/2016. Celestial Starlike object taken 9/29/2016


2A – This is the same painted surface show below on a clear dusk 9/29/2016


3A – Reflection of painted metal surface showing the star location and other light sources 9/28/2016


4A – One original image with 2 filtered variations of the same image.


5A – Different photo equipment comparison of the same star shows plasma and strange sun-like activity from digital to pure optical.


The video contains the complete progression of these images. Below are some very interesting takes using slightly different ISO and focal lengths.


Many questions remain. More research needs to be completed. But one thing is certain, this celestial object is anything but normal.