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Gravity Is Still A Theory So Calm Down

To this very day, science has been unable to produce tangible or detectable evidence of gravity particles or waves. Experiments easily show that our current theory on gravity should be questioned at the very least.

Gravity dis-proven in 3 minutes – FLAT EARTH (youtube)

Shahzwar Bugti

Gravity, Micro-Gravity and Selective Gravity

So lets start with micro-gravity because micro-gravity seems like it was NASAs answer to gaps left in the traditional theory of gravity. How do you prove micro gravity when you can’t prove regular gravity. This also brings us to the strange things we find with gravity selectively interacting with objects differently.

For example, I am a human made of mostly water, yet I can easily jump and defy gravity. However the explanation for large bodies of water sticking to the Earths surface is gravity. Really? So it keeps large oceans in place on a spinning ball but me being mostly water can jump right up in the air.

Magic Rain and Calm Oceans

impossible-water-01-smallHow does rain fall fit into all of this, it seems like rain drops should have a difficult time making it to the earths surface since they weigh much less than I do and they are much further away from the planet to start with, what about snow flakes, how do they fall against the 1000mph inertia of Earths rotation?

The Satellite Vs The Solar System

Lets start this section out looking at the International Space Station.

ISS vs Centrifugal Force

ISS vs Centrifugal Force – Click to enlarge

centrifugal force

( noun  |  cen·trif·u·gal force  |  \sen-ˈtri-fyə-gəl-\ )

physics : a force that causes an object moving in a circular path to move out and away from the center of its path

the apparent force that is felt by an object moving in a curved path that acts outwardly away from the center of rotation

So we are going to explore some velocity differences between the solar system and technology.

The fastest way to make this understandable is thinking of a drag race. Yes a drag race between the Sun and a Human Space Craft.