UPDATED: Hillary Clinton Needs To Call For Peace 11.11.2016

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Where Is Hillary Clinton? Where Is President Obama!

This rioting has gone far enough. Our Leader and most of all Hillary Clinton need to step up and call for an end to this violent nonsense from the Hillary supporters.


Coincidence Or By Design?

With the criminal history of Hillary Clinton, there is heavy speculation that this is the work of Team Hillary. She was already caught with pay to play and worse hiring the kind of people you see in these so called riots to disrupt President Donald Trump 2016 election events. This should be investigated immediately and these protest groups should be infiltrated by patriots and police agencies nationwide.

If Hillary or President Obama expect to maintain a shred of respect, she or he needs to step up immediately and demand an end to the protests and riots taking place in her name. Where the hell are the ‘leaders’?

The Mainstream Media Is The Racist Engine “White Lash”

This is the worst meme they could start when police officers are being murdered in the name racism. They have opened yet another door to the already fragile race issues.

Can you imagine if when Barack Hussein Obama was elected the mass media labeled it “Black Lash”? This behavior is racist, not a vote for a successful American Businessman.


Speaking of creating Hate Amy Schumer Lied

Another example of how the media has and continues to deceive us all. Be careful who you trust and stop supporting any of these actors and performers.

Hold Them Liable and Accountable

we-will-remember-riotersBig media needs to be held accountable for their role in all this. They lied to us all and continue to fuel it. They could help by promoting peace but they wont.

The New York Times Admits They Lied
The New York Times Admits They Lied

Yes I think Hillary Clinton should be held responsible for the damages that have taken place in her name

This is just a taste of what America would have been like under another Clinton presidency. We already impeached her husband, and she is still not off the ropes in the legal world. This is not white house material.


Playing With Fire

As a presidential candidate promoting rights for women you should pick your support group carefully. Hillary Clintons choice in company and entertainment completely undermined her message. The nation saw through this as another lie and attempt to buy the public and it backfired.


See the break down video here

Yes I would say President Trump supporters sent a valuable message to their children. Don’t act like a hoe or an arrogant ass hole. These ‘performers’ actually think they understand the occult or for that matter complex and often miss-used and underestimated works of Aleister Crowley, very dark work indeed. Just remember, there is always the day of payment to the entities which they have given themselves over to, call them what you will.

Insulting Half The Nation

When you are out of touch with people, you really should refrain from insulting them on live tv as an election tactic. This was an instant nail in the coffin of the Clinton campaign. Yes Hillary really put her foot in her mouth with one swift kick. Calling half of Trump supporters Deplorables was a disaster but that was not enough, she continued to use many words ending in phobe to really drive it home. She even manages to indicate that our kids are on heroin. She needs to step up and fix her mess.

Notice the message STRONGER TOGETHER? Yeah, they don’t even believe their own memes look at the violent protest/riots taking place now case in point.

Stronger Together & Supporters To Blame For Massive Upset

You can perform a simple internet search and find hours of coverage to election rallys. What you will see is that while the Democratic meme was ‘Stronger Together’ the Republican party actually lived this paradigm. You see, once you review voter and supporter turn outs, it’s obvious that Republicans not just ‘Trumpers’ came together and proved that a peaceful and legal protest is possible when you are not being lied to by the news and pollsters you ‘trust’. Hard research and years of built up frustrations with past elections pushed the republican election campaign forward with speeds that far exceeded any true democratic movement.

The truth is, any protests by the Democratic party should have taken place when Hillary was accused of stealing her place on the ballot. But instead they continued to support a hollow movement headed by a figure crippled in criminal investigations. It was a bad bet from the start and the Democratic party as a whole were divided within and to blame for allowing Hillary to compete against Donald Trump.




Donald Trump Rally