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It’s not Nibiru or Planet X but there are strange celestials in our sky


Ophiuchus Zodiac Symbology

This is a first look at what I have been observing in the night sky for several years now. It has caught my attention and imagination in such a way that I have spent the last month photographing, analyzing and recording it. However, this story is much deeper and I have other material that leads up to this conclusion indicating there are at least 3 new major celestial and identifiable objects in our night sky. Is this why NASA decided to add a 13th zodiac with the appearance of a bearded comet with a streaking tail represented as a serpent. Take note of the date November 29 to December 17. Bearded Hairy Comet Anyone?

Introductory Movie 1A

9/23/2016 – Major Additions To Image Processing Here!


ANIMATION 1: 8 images taken 2 seconds apart using auto feature, look ma no hands!

This animation shows some intense stuff, look closely at the star and the objects rotating around it. The Introductory Video 1A above shows a high resolution version of this animation, I would highly recommend watching the video on large screen.

9/21/2016 – 1:41 AM

Animated Gif

Animated Gif

This animation is a close up of the same one above. I have filtered boost reds basically.

Medium Speed


No Filters Natural Color8-images-natural-24-seconds

Double speed

ANIMATION 2: 9 Images 2 Seconds Apart

9/21/2016 – 2:51 AM (1h 10min later from first animation)


Same animation, no overlay annotations9-images-natural-18fps

Still Images and Data

Variations of the same image

large-_levels-all-reduced-high-hue-satur-brit-contr-zoomed large-_levels-all-reduced-high-hue-satur-zoomed large-_levels-all-reduced-high-zoom large-bright-contr_hue-sature-zoomed large-original-zoomed



The Siblings Of The Dwarf Star

Click this image for a massive version.

An exploded view of the material surrounding the star.

Animated Gif