Polaris Smile Your On Camera Project For The Whole Astronomy Community

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Hello and welcome to Cosmic Artifact Research if you are new or not.

So a whole lot of planet x, nibiru and amateur astronomy communities namely on youtube have been plagued by troll bashing between the so called fringe side of this subject and the so called debunking side. I really want to bring the best of all sides into a cooperative effort to begin mapping out the night sky starting with the mother of all star watching Polaris or the North Star.

Capture Polaris

polaris_alpha_ursae_minoris_wikiMy goal is not a competition. I want everyone to find and capture polaris on what ever devices you have. I would prefer higher optical pictures like larger telephoto zoom lenses and telescopic footage. But I also want standard images from other devices since we want to help everyone to identify clearly what they are looking at in a wide variety of optics.

Data Sharing

I will collaborate the best way to share this data but if you have a youtube channel put it up there and I will download or screen capture if needed.

Like I said, this is not a competition but a cooperative effort and opportunity to change the conversation about everything starting with one star we should all be able to capture.

I will compile and produce the best of the best to display to others who wish to explore the stars.

Please record:

  • Video and or Still images
  • Time
  • Date
  • Location
  • and method used to identify Polaris
  • Any other relevant information

Project Time Frame

I don’t want to put an expiration date on this. So I am setting a goal of November.24.2016 for the first Revision.

Final Project Outcome

This will serve as the beginning of a visual guide to the stars and maybe we will find something new together.

Contact Me


This address will not accept large attachments on purpose. I will coordinate the final data share point in the near future, just hang on to any footage you capture.