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10.21.2016 Footage

This is the most intense footage I have produced of this object showing what appears to be an actual emission cloud breaking away into space.

img_4744_extract-alWhen your finished with this important page, see the new footage of this star from 11.2.2016. It looks like it collides with something.

See it here

Video Important Footage of Red Sunset Star Activity

About This Video: This footage was captured with a 16 megapixel digital camera attached to a telescope using the normal optical settings of the camera in other words, No camera digital zoom is used. Optical zooming performed with telescopic equipment using the 23mm eye piece making the capture similar to what your eye can see but at massive resolution. Still images used were not from video captures but are in sets of 10 individual images taken in 1 second intervals which is a much more detailed experience compared to video resolutions of most cameras. Since I am no astrophysicist I will leave you with your own conclusions. This video clearly indicates an active celestial body within range enough for an amateur astronomer to recognize capture and repeat for the last 45 days.

This footage is not of the disco-star of the Eastern sky. This is footage of a celestial body in the western sky visible at 7:13 pm mst. It is following the sun and appears to be intersecting the normal path of the usual night time stars. It is off center of Polaris as far as I can tell but before that is a solid evidence more research needs to be conducted which I may need to find additional assistance for.

Image Gallery & Diagrams

10.21.2016 – 10 image progression. Images taken through a telescope at 16 megapixels 1 second intervals. This is a step by step breakdown of the emission cloud event.


The Same 10 image progression slideshow. Individual images shown below.

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Image Progression (click to enlarge)

10.08.2016 Image Gallery


Extended research about this object is underway. The time frame of visibility is difficult to work with and when I have an easy way to identify it with accuracy you will all be the first to see it. Thank you all for your amazing support.