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Executive Order — Coordinating Efforts To Prepare The Nation For Space Weather Events

On October 13th 2016, President Obama issued this new executive order with a very urgent and short time line: 60 to 120 days as of the issuance of the order.

Read Official Executive Order Here

Video Screen Capture of Executive Order

Where Is The Coverage?

I realize many other independent youtube and social media accounts have already reported on this. I wanted to give it a few days to get my head wrapped around it and let the sensationalism fade a little. While I have plenty of opinions and concerns, I feel we all need to stay informed of things like this after realizing this is not being covered by major news agencies as it needs to be.

Should I Start Building An Underground Bunker?

The answer is yes who wouldn’t want a James Bond style underground lair right? No but seriously this raises some serious concerns to some people. If you have followed the planet nibiru / planet x community or even NASA news, you already know strange things are being reported and documented about changes in our solar system and yes even the admission from NASA about the detection of what they call planet number 9.  An increased logging of many new asteroids and other space junk this year gives rise to the speculation of what is really going on.  The space research community is buzzing with data about all of this so the timing of the order really seemed to hit home for some researchers.

As for preparedness. Well that goes without saying, everyone should have some kind of plan including items in the home to deal with power failures and utility disruptions. Building a self sustained underground bunker may not be in your cards but hey if it’s good enough for the elite then it’s good enough for the rest of us right?

If I could just find the entrance to Hugh Hefners underground base….

More Money Or Genuine Concern

It’s easy to jump on the opinion bus to nowhere. I really hope this is a genuine concern for the people of this nation from our government. With the past track record of, well, the entire mess of governments world wide, it’s no surprise to see agencies awarded new money and authority in the face of impending disasters. However, given the short time line and magnitude of agencies and tasks involved and with a somewhat vague outcome, we should all be paying more attention to the sky and the environment round us and maybe put down pokemon go and turn off the elections for five minutes, it could change your opinion.

At the end of the day, ask yourself, did you hear the news report on this at all? Yeah, neither did I. My best advice is to do your homework. Make an informed decision. Read the order and understand the agencies being activated right now under this new order.

Truth is stranger than fiction these days…