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9/18/2016 12:30am – 1:00am

I believe the reason this one is flashing blue, red and white so brightly to the naked eye is because it is spinning up there. It really is an incredible star that I have gazed at for at least 2 years but have become very interested in the light variations and intensity lately(withing the last 6 months). It reminded me very much of the Hairy Comet by its sparkle, size and intensity but it is unique in its own appearance. The interesting thing is that this object is not part of the mystery pentagon / pentagram star system in my previous work. It faces it directly from the North West sky and follows after it not before it.

Animation of 13 Separate Images Of The Same Object

This is an animated gif version so the colors are a little grainy. I have also applied the standard auto level filter to bring out how bright it appears with the naked eye, I use this auto level filter in many production images not even related to astronomy. It seems to spin a little faster than this to the eye while watching it from the earths surface.


animation 1

The Bright Spot And Star Flashing

Video of flashing so you understand what is happening here.

New Discovery of photo analysis 12 hours later

This is what I think is causing the flashes perhaps. A smooth surface reflecing OR an area where light is escaping from the object? Below are three images captured the same night minutes apart. As I took pictures fairly consistently this face appeared 3 times very clearly every 10 shots shown in figure A1.


figure A1

Further investigation figure B1 of one single image of the bright side is very clear. The object emits blue and red flashes very clearly. You can see the bright side has red and blue by only bringing out the colors with very very little effort.


Figure B1

Original Photos No Filters

Every image is an individual image of the object, not one are the same image.


Photos With The Standard Auto-Level Filter

click image for full size