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Flashing Star (Disco Star) Through A Telescope

So this is my first release of what some have referred to as the disco star on places like youtube. I captured it through my telescope. I took 241 Still images and 58 minutes of video over 3 days. And if you have ever used a telescope you will know it requires a great deal of time and patience. And if you want to actually capture the images or video of your subject, it gets even more tedious but it is a very rewarding outcome if you are willing to take your time and be prepared to take A LOT OF PHOTOS! I only bring that up because you will see raw video of telescope adjustments so then you can understand why things wiggle and bounce around so much, it’s tricky work.

Why The Heck Did I Do This?

I love to explore things like space and stars. This star has been such a fascinating celestial with its amazing flashing and display of colors that I couldn’t take it any more and needed to see it little closer. I don’t claim to be some amazing astronomer but the star charts I used don’t seem to reveal the name of this object, yet it is the brightest star in my area. I wanted to share my research with others. As I have come to know, the night sky and space do not seem to be what we are told. It would appear to be so much more than an empty, cold expanse. Since release, I have experienced so much support and so many others who have reported seeing similar or the same object and have thanked me for showing what I could with my limited equipment and time.

Video Compilation of Photo and Video Research

All footage was captured through: 10/6/2016, 10/07/2016, 10/09/2016 (for this particular project). Best viewed on a larger screen since it is HD.

About Video: I took 3 days and went through every single video clip. I took another 2 days and went through every single image of the 241 taken. 90% of this video covers the video footage taken and focuses on what I consider a one in 241 image. As time permits I will be releasing more of this data in various ways like adding more images to this page or creating a part 2 video to cover the remaining data from this 3 day project.

The only editing to video clips: I decided to remove some of the ‘dead space’ while I am finding or re-tracking the object, trust me this will keep you sane. I also crop the video but only on certain clips and they are clearly marked if they have been cropped. Cropping is a way to focus or kind of zoom the video (after it has been captured) on a specific area and makes it larger. So cropping and slow motion are clearly indicated, if it is not, that means it is the original video or image. No other changes have been made to the videos since my goal was to capture the raw true color of this star as seen with the naked eye from Earths surface.

Charts, Diagrams & Research

I always take my time and work with my images. So much research out there shows a single image here or a choppy video there. I like to dig in and really look at the image(s). There are just things your eye cannot see that your camera captured and simply increasing or decreasing contrast or brightness can really bring out details that are critical to proper research. Note: These are massive images. Please click them to see the full size and use a larger screen when possible.


More To Come Just Short On Time Is All

I know there has been some serious discussions about my work. I have been asked if it is real etc. There is also some confusion. I have been tracking 3 celestial objects over this time not just one. I have captured and clearly indicated there are 3 individual celestial objects. And if it was not clear, then it is now.

I have absolutely no intention of miss-leading anyone. This is why for the last 2 months I have diligently captured these stars first using a high quality digital camera. Then upgrading to a high end DSLR Nikon camera with an upgraded 300mm(11.8inch) telephoto lens. Not a wimpy setup at all. And for my latest phase, I have obtained my own decent 700mm 350power telescope with beautiful glass lenses from Japan not china. It is fully optical. No mirrors or digital bull shit in the way. This telescope now houses my digital camera and soon will be upgraded to fit the DSLR. To those who simply like to speculate and talk about me on their youtube channels where is YOUR research and photographic and video work? Words are cheap.