Moon Goggles

Just a fun collection of on going images of the moon from Earth Welcome to the moon goggles page. I always have a hard time finding good pictures of the moon. So, I worked my way up to taking my own with a telescope. I really want to keep updating this page with new material…

MAJOR UPDATE: Telescopic Video and Images of The Pentagram Star Systems Bright Star 10-10-2016

The next phase of research is underway. A First telescopic look at the brightest ‘day star’ from the notorious pentagram star system covered in my previous work. Full Video Compilation of Images and Video Footage Research & Diagrams Image Gallery 10.6.2016 10.7.2016 Conclusions and Future Work This star gets more interesting the closer we look….

Massive Star Setting with the Sun

BREAKING UPDATE: 9/26/2016 The most compelling footage I have to prove there are major ‘new’ celestial bodies in our solar system. As I was capturing star footage on 9/26/2016 , I took a different position which brought more of the sunset into view and bam! noticed this star setting with the sun at 7:53pm MST….