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I love to design. I have to keep things a little fun around here. So I decided to bring to life some ‘visions’ I have had if you want to call them that. Mostly day dreaming as I research.


There will appear towards the seven stars of Ursa Minor and Polaris Not far from Cancer, The Bearded Star Susa, Siena,Boeotia, Great Rome will die, the night having vanished…

Check out the video reel its kind of fun

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the-bearded-hairy-commet001-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet003-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet004-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet005-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet006-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet007-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet008-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet009-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet010-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet011-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet012-car2016 the-bearded-hairy-commet013-car2016