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In recent observations and calculations from people around the world, we are finding that the traditional math equation popularized by NASA for calculating the earths curvature is not adding up!


HORIZON noun ( ho.ri.zon ) the line where the earth or sea seems to meet the sky

Credits Dr Zack

Credits Dr Zack


Fisheye Camera Lenses and HD Illusions

The fisheye camera effect is related to the shape of a camera lens. The” fisheye effect” causes the horizon to appear flat, convex or concave depending on the position or angle of the camera. Below you can see this effect in action.

EXAMPLE 1 High Altitude Balloon:  The images are taken from a high altitude balloon using a go pro style HD camera. The operators quote a 120,000 foot assent before the balloon popped. The images are only seconds apart and of the same region of earth.









EXAMPLE 2:  Red Bull Space Jump Felix Baumgartner









Using footage from HD Fisheye lenses as proof that Earth is curved is a bad idea. It would be like putting on rose colored glasses and telling everyone else that the world is rose colored. This argument has been satisfied by using the fisheye removal tools from Go Pro and other applications like Photoshop. The result is almost always a flat horizon in images that are able to be recovered from this effect.

The Horizon Illusion: Boats Don’t Disappear, They Get Smaller

If Earth is perfectly round, why do they call it SEA LEVEL?

It is very easy to mistake perspective for curvature. In countless videos you will clearly see that after a boat has sailed away from the observer, it seems to go behind a curvature like watching someone walk away from you over a small hill.

This is not the case. Using cameras or standard optics like a telescope, the ship can be brought back into view from top to bottom. Yes that’s right, the bottom of the boat is still visible and it’s not because it’s to close, the math proves otherwise. Your eyes saw it disappear over the curved horizon right? So how is this possible.

Optical Evidence Of The Boat Perspective Illusion

1 Sea Level With Optical Video


Credits: Eric Dubay – Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

2 Begin Zooming Out


Credits: Eric Dubay – Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

3 Almost Back To Shore Line View


Credits: Eric Dubay – Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

4 What We See From The Shore and Think It’s The Earths Curve


Credits: Eric Dubay – Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

The City Sky Line Is Really The Entire City Profile!

chicago-joshua_NowickiNot to long ago, there was a news broadcast showing an image sent in from a viewer of the Chicago Skyline. Not Just the tops of the buildings, the entire city. And this was from approximately 60 miles away! The city should have been approximately 2,400 feet below the horizon, but it wasn’t. THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, the city would have to sit on a 2400 foot platform above sea level or the buildings are all more than aprox. 2,400 feet tall. You see the math is wrong.

See the video below and be the judge, was it a mirage like the news said? Or could we be wrong about the shape of earth?

Rob Skiba proves the Chicago skyline (as seen from the other side) is NOT a mirage

Optical Observations At The Beach

Flat Earth: Laser Experiment(Pre-Test)

Using a high power laser, see what happens when a boat is taken over 3 miles out to sea and the laser is measured by the boats crew. No change is detected. The laser and the boat stay in contact the entire time. With the laser pointing to the same spot on the boat as when it was only a few feet from the shore.  The boat should have sunk over the curvature more than 81 inches or 6.8 feet? there was no change at all.

High Altitude Rocket X-15 vs Red Bull Space Jump


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the X-15

The X-15 #2 (56-6671) launches away from the B-52 mothership with its rocket engine ignited. Credits: NASA Photo

The X-15 developed by NASA was designed to investigate the problems of manned flight in a near space environment. Altitudes up to 50 miles, Speeds up to mach 6. 57,000 pounds of thrust. The engine was built by Thiokol.


See the X-15 video here


The illusions we were taught about in Art Class have been playing tricks on our eyes while science backs it all up with a fairly wild explanation to all of this. Hollywood has ran wild with blending science and fantasy to the point that it starts to make sense to the mass public in a way. We really should throw some personal observation and research on top of our mass media diets.